Getting Started

Getting started with a new planning system can be overwhelming.  We have designed an easy to use process for using your new Planner & Journal. 

Getting Started

Use our Purpose Planner Worksheet to help you discover your Why! and develop your Vision, Mission, and SMART Goals. 

The Purpose Planner will help you develop SMART Goals that will push you toward your Vision & Mission and support your Why!

Use Monthly Pages to break down quarterly SMART goals into short term projects.  Try to have no more than 3. 

Use Weekly Pages to break down monthly projects into manageable actions or objectives. 

Use Daily Pages to break down weekly actions into smaller steps that move the project, thus the goal, toward completion. 

Use the Daily Reflection page to process your day, staying focused on making and consistenly practicing new choices that move you toward your ideal future. 

Weekly Review

Use the Weekly Review to strategically assess your progress and process what modifications are needed in the coming week. 

Quarterly Review

Use the Quarterly Review as your RAP (review, assess, process) session.  The quarterly review builds on the weekly review by adding a few steps and encouraging you to set up your next quarter planner.